LCD Size: 7 "LCD
Resolution: 800 * 480
Minimum illumination: 0.2Lul (with luminous compensate for light)
Camera: CCD color camera
Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Power: DC18V      Maximum power consumption: 3W
Installation size: 160mm * 205mm * 25mm
Installation: in-wall


7-inch TFT color LCD, friendly interface, easy to operate

Two-way call with the door host, wall unit, management unit and other users of the same type of indoor unit, Intercom

A monitoring door machine, wall unit and lock function

16 classic and Hyun sound choice

Using picture on the plug wire interface, user-friendly demolition

The use of advanced micro-processor, high integration, the system is stable, more reliable

Installation and maintenance simple, convenient debugging, automatic software update feature

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